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Fundamental Theoretical Electronics - Volume I - 257 Pages - In French :

This work (volume I) was written to help the reader and can constitute a base of studies for all the amateurs, pupils and students in electronics eager to improve and a memory aid for an engineer who feels the need to refresh his knowledge.


No special knowledge is necessary to profitably consult this work.


In this first volume 257 pages, you will find all my lessons in ascending order.

The author has endeavored to make his presentation clear and simple, to illustrate it with numerous graphs and figures and to supplement it with numerical examples. In addition, the reader's curiosity is aroused by questions (with answers) and by problems (with solutions).

The whole work has been designed so that its mathematical content as well as the electronic content correspond as closely as possible to the requirements of the practice. In particular, all the demonstrations and all the developments have been renounced whenever they do not present an immediate practical utility.


I want to tell you, this represents 5 years of work. Therefore, this book costs 23.03 € incl. TVA only for download + 2 Free E-Book, also via the PayPal - CB site.


After payment, you will be automatically directed to the download page. You will be able to study quietly and download our lessons to your hard drive as well as print them in A4 format (depending on your choice).


I open a small parenthesis, I could have edited several copies of my work by certain publishers and sold them in several technical bookstores. As some publishers are relatively expensive, I would have been obliged to sell my work at least 55 to 70 € if not more. So, I preferred to sell the latter by electronic commerce, via the Internet.


That is why we provide you with a survey and you can only vote once.


The purpose of this survey is to verify the number of people who will be able to buy our books, namely volume 1, and to know your opinion.


An overview of this volume 1 work below :

Blanket :


An overview of the summary volume I :

Electric resistance concept

6 at 11

Ohm's law

11 at 15

Serial links - Parallel links

15 at 24

Combination of batteries

24 at 27

Electric power and heat

27 at 30

Joule's law

30 at 34

Electrical capacity and capacitors

34 at 41

Charging and discharging of a capacitor

41 at 45

Electric field

45 at 47

Dielectric strength

47 at 49

Series groupings - Parallel groupings

49 at 55


55 at 58

The coil and the inductance

58 at 62

Induction flow

62 at 64

Inductance and its calculation

64 at 70

Nature of magnetism

70 at 72

Electromagnetic induction

72 at 82

Coils groupings

82 at 86

The coil and electrical energy

86 at 88

Alternating current

88 at 93

Characteristics of alternating current

93 at 102

AC voltage

103 at 110

Electrical reactance, Capacitive circuit

110 at 117

Inductive reactance, Inductive circuit

117 at 123

Electrical impedance

124 at 129

Electric power

129 at 134

Magnetic circuits

134 at 141

The Transformers

141 at 153


153 at 157

Our Fundamental Theoretical Electronic book - Volume I - cost 23.03 € incl. TVA + 2 Free E-Book (257 Pages)

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