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"Electronic Component and Geometry Calculations" software :

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IMPORTANT :  This new software following the references of our works, our lessons and their continuities also being on our various sites, always in the same field Electronics ... The latter, will allow you to easily calculate certain electronic components with diagrams to support and also calculate a good part of the geometry ...


Use of our software

When using our "Electronic Component Calculations and Geometry" software for the first time, you will notice that you are in Word Processing, or that you wish to access the various sections below :

- To access the Electronic Component and Geometry Calculation forms, simply click on the File menu, then point directly to the submenu, hence the title Welcome Home Page. You will be directed to this page and you will also see some buttons below : "Previous, Next and Exit".

You can at any time press either the Next button to access the next page, or the Previous button to go back, or the Exit button to end your program or to close your software.

- When you are in the "Electronic Component and Geometry Calculations" forms, you will also see on each form menus in the title bar of the main window, so that you can search for the fields or diagrams according to your needs and wishes concerning Calcules.

- To access the forms directly to the geometry, just do the same operation, that is to click in the file menu then on geometry.

- To access the various options, just follow the same operations, by clicking in the menus then, the submenus that we had mentioned above.

This software is called "Electronic Component Calculations and Geometries" - Version 1. 2. 29, aims to help you in your calculations of your daily tasks and this will save you from having to remember the most complex formulas each time.

What if there is a calculation error on my part, for example ? The Software will be updated free of charge if necessary, and if you have demonstrated that you really found any error after obtaining a result by yourself ...

The software of "Electronic Component Calculations and Geometries", version 1. 2. 29 is compatible with the operating systems of Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10, Windows Home, Vista also ... While for Windows 95 and 98 , subject to reservation because, we had not tested. In principle, this should not be a problem for the different systems we mentioned ...

For those who want to test the compatibility of your operating system, especially Windows 95 and 98 before buying our software, just click on the URL below : My First simple game software - "Preview" (free) and download it. Of course, you can uninstall it via the control panel without doing any damage. This software poses no risk to your computer ... Thank you for your trust ...

To Order the Software for "Electronic Component Calculations and Geometries", click here : Software Version 1. 2. 29

Software for Computing Electronic Components and Geometries for only 36.49 € instead of 95.65 €

We provide some overviews below :

Capture N° 1 : Word processing with possibility of inserting any image :

Capture N° 2 : Welcome page superimposed on the word processor

Capture N° 3 : Verification of system memories

Capture N° 4 : Allowing you to do the calculations without putting in the appropriate formulas and simplifies your task ...

Capture N° 5 : Allowing to calculate a LF amplifier ...

Capture N° 6 : Allowing to calculate the value of the equivalent capacity of the capacitors and whatever they are Electrolytic, Ceramic, Tubular and many others ...


Capture N° 7 : Menus which will allow you to navigate through certain tools

Capture N° 8 : This part will allow you to know the new version of the software and you can also, thanks to certain functions, diagnose your computers ...

We leave it to you to discover this new software, very practical for all calculations of electronic components as well as geometry.

To order at this address : Software Version 1. 2. 29

Copyright 2019 - 2025 - Daniel ROBERT

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