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Summary - HTML and Programming of All Kinds :

NOTE : HTML lessons will not be translated into English, to avoid mixing technical language.

Summary - HTML and Programming ; Note : you can use a notepad to do all your tests
   1. - Bold Characters with their HTML Tags and Accentuation
   2. - Structuring of the Document with the Minimum HTML Language as well as the Working Method
   3. - HTML Divisions with their different attributes
   4. - Descriptive Lists, Regular Lists, Ordered and Unordered Lists, and Nested Lists
   5. - Physical Styles, Logical Styles and Paragraph Styles
   6. - Hyperlinks, Anchors, onMouseOver, onMouseOut and onClick with Examples
   7. - Image Inclusions and Image Alignment, Image Modification Examples
   8. - Paragraph Layouts, Column Layouts with Imagery
   9. - Style Sheets, Style Classes, SPAN with the CLASS Attribute and External File Definitions
   10. - Dynamic Positioning, Layers, Layers Dynamics, Layers Methods and Events
   11. - Clickable Images, Ismap Method, Usemap Method and Related Events of an Animated Clickable Map
   12. - Tables and Example of a Table Integrating Various Elements
   13. - Creation of Frames, FRAMESET, FRAME, Use of Frames and Frames with JavaScript
   14. - Meta-Information and its Client-pull Uses - REFRESH
   15. - Programming and HTML usage limits with three Headings, Unfolded and Folded Mode
   16. - Forms, Description of Form Tags and Related JavaScript Events
   16. 1. - Balises Input, Attribute, Name, Size, Value, Text, Object Text, Password, Submit, Checkbox, Checked et Radio
   16. 2. - Select, Option, Textarea, Type Hidden and Summary of Select Options with examples

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