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Posté : 31 déc. 2018, 21:25
par Daniel ROBERT

Be clear and precise! And this also applies in the choice of topic theme! For example, the subject's title should not be: Urgent ! Or au Secours ! Try to be descriptive in your title and give as much information as possible in your message for help. When people need to refer to your forum, if your address is not in your profile, do not forget to indicate it (avoiding advertising, if possible).
Advertising precisely ! Ah ... ! Everyone wants to share their forum. Know that there is a section provided for this purpose !
So avoid putting advertising in your signature too ...

Be patient ! Do not forget that outside forum forums, members of the forum have a life of their own! So, do not post the same problem twice, be patient ...

Do a search! We always say it and repeat it again, do a search before posting to ask a question. In any case, you will be told again if you do not do it.

Avoid the flood! To talk about anything else that does not concern the designated subject, there is the section Blabla ... So, you can avoid messages containing only a smile ... So, be expressive and communicative ... the forum will only wear that better!

And the must of the must, be respectful! A forum is a place to discuss, exchange and communicate information. Everyone has the right to have their opinion, whether you like it or not. So, insults are not allowed, ravings, sarcasm or anything that could annoy someone. Everyone is there in order to help each other or to exchange ...

Go! Do not forget the essential! Have fun, chat, share your ideas! Long live the Forum!